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  • “Leave the crown in the garage”: What I’ve learned from a decade of being PepsiCo’s CEO

    I took the helm of PepsiCo in 2006 and I feel so privileged and humbled for the role I’ve had the chance to play. I’ve faced many challenges over the years – as we all do – but with inspiration from family, friends, colleagues and other sources of wisdom, I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Though it would be impossible to name all the lessons I’ve learned, I’ve come up with seven critica...
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  • 4 Strategies to Produce Deep, Meaningful Work

    “The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy. As a consequence, the few who cultivate this skill, and then make it the core of their working life, will thrive.” -Cal Newport Deep work — top-tier results only able to be produced by long, uninterrupted periods of deep concentration —&hai...
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  • Leadership: 12 lessons from the Navy SEALs

    Forever on the lookout for the keys to leadership, the ability that some people have to guide others to reach their goals and be successful together, I was eager to share with you the 12 keys to leadership from the book « Extreme Ownership, how US Navy SEALs lead and win » by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. (Buy the book now) Jocko and Leif were SEALs (Sea, Air and Lan...
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  • Frictionless trade’ guarantees sought in Brexit talks

    The future of food trade between the UK and EU and fears about the lowering of food safety standards if a bilateral deal is struck with the US, took centre stage over the past month, as Brexit negotiations began. The UK government has softened its stance on a ‘hard Brexit’, having listened to the arguments from business leaders that a “transitional deal” was necessary after March 2019. But many still fear th...
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  • Confusion Abounds in Workplace Conflict

    Conflict is fraught with misunderstanding. Managing it effectively takes concerted effort to slow things down and understand how others are seeing the conflict. One example of the confusion is illustrated by recent research by Dr. Gabrielle Adams from the London Business School and Harvard University. In her studies Dr. Adams found that people who feel attacked often miscalibrate their interpretations of the incide...
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  • 5 Undeniable Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

    Part of Kathy Caprino's Series "Living and Working Better" For many years during my 18-year corporate career, I remained in a number of roles I disliked, and a few of them were a terrible fit. Now I see that there were some critical factors that influenced my strong resistance to make the changes I needed to, including worries about money, self-esteem issues, confusion as to what I really wanted, reluctance to...
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